Our Last Battlefield

by Murder

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record july 2014


released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Murder Kyiv, Ukraine

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Track Name: Our Last Battlefield
We lost the war on social relations
Liberalism has erased the rest you dream
In the world of converted forms domination
Science is the last battlefield

Our last battlefield!

New Rationalism is able to reunite the people
Cognition may become the new aim to admit
Till capitalism’s alive, such future’s looking feeble
And the science would remain the last stronghold of “heretics”

In society of converted forms we live!
Science is our last battlefield!
Track Name: Per Spera Ad Partes
From Democritus ideas to quarks and leptons
Through fundamental interactions, through failures of CERN

Through the thorns
We climb
We fall
We never give in

Per spera ad partes
We’re finding the answers
We lurk
For M-theory

Gravity forces still can’t be overcame
Modern string theory yet is cracked frame
Underneath the problems our reason faces
We didn’t give up the search of primal traces
Track Name: Like Moles
On the fringe of reason and chaosmos
We are seeking for the final code
The Ignorance god is sending chariots
Pere Ubu is heading his wild hordes

like moles, like rats, like blind and helpless bats…
Like moles!
Like rats!

Metaphysics has rebuilt formation
Allied with nonsense and personal greed
Pseudoscience strikes back our positions
Would we hold them or would history repeat?
Track Name: Division
Trying to replace quanta and quarks by ether
Bringing back reductionism, denying results of Maxwell

How can your claims be verified?
Conservative reaction with attempts to set on fire
Relativity theory and quantum mechanics
For which you try to use Euclidean apparatus

How would you deal with time and space?
Using the abstract geometry principles
Mechanics of Newton, demon of Laplace
You try to apply to particles physics
Track Name: Black Thousand
At new monarch’s command they launch the warmachine
Killing oppositions, hunting down LGBT
Mad theories of Dugin for his aims’ legalization
Faceless army is responsible for these aims incarnation

Black thousand rides! X2
You’d better look down when you’re roaming the streets
And try to relax in system’s bureaucratic grips
Applause the annexation, spend vacation in Crimea
Watch the rockets falling down, while reading: “Our victory is near”

New oprichnina has risen from the ashes of Empire
Modernistic discourse sets individuals on fire
Clergy’s taking back the dispositive of power
This burlesque orgy of present hides these people final hour.
Track Name: Reduction
Synergetics and social science
Pseudoscientific alliance

Senseless theories reduction
Pseudointellectual satisfaction

Haken’s ideas turned to cheap talks
By those who talks about and can’t explain
Track Name: Stand On Zanzibar
(In this world) There's too many people
And too many PCs
Mass consumption temples
Providing new disease
You run away from mucker
But he's on berserk speed
Prowlies with the tazers stand
For General Technics greed

Simple sociology - just ask Shalmaneser
One solution! Stand on Zanzibar!
Simple sociology - just ask Shalmaneser
Two feet would be enough! Stand on Zanzibar!

Overpopulation and data overload
We're looking for some Mulligans to enter final code
Unleash the hip crime dove!

There's too many people
And too many PCs
Mr./Mrs. Everywhere
From Kiev to Tennessee
Angry mob psychology
For Kant of brave new world
Biological imperative –
Humanity's shield and sword
Track Name: Stigmatize
Melting pot of solipsism
In nexus with unjustified empiricism
Intuitive hermeneutics
Without connection with scientific methods
Still it pretends to be
The human’s mind metatheory
But if your proof’s just Other’s life
Go try yourself to be the mentally disordered

Stigmatize yourself

How would you argue this
Illegitimate subjective symbols treatment?
How are you going to bring peace
In someone’s wiring psychics with such tools?
Clenched fists, fast pulse
The irritation has reached critical level
While you are standing
Over the coach
Interpreting umbrella as a phallus

One day your cast
Will be discharged by truths of neuroscience
Dismantling the arrogant claims
Of Lacanism and Frankfurt school messiahs
Before this day to come
Your status can be saved by steps you ought to follow
Start from yourself
Bringing in own mind in gulf of madness
Track Name: Go Against
Is that the only way we can become like Indians, like Rhinoceri,
like Quartz Crystals, like organic farmers, like what we imagine
Adam & Eve to’ve been, caressing each other with trembling limbs
before the Snake of Revolutionary Sex wrapped itself round
The Tree of Knowledge? What would Roque Dalton joke about lately
teeth chattering like a machine gun as he dabated mass tactics
with his Companeros? Necessary to kill the Yanquis with big bomb
Yes but don’t do it by yourself, better consult your mother
to get the Correct Line of Thought, if not consult Rimbaud once he got his leg cut off
or Lenin after his second stroke sending a message thru Mrs Krupskaya
to the rude Georgian, & just before his deathly fit when the Cheka aides outside
his door looked in coldly assuring him his affairs were in good hands no need to move - What sickness at the pit of his stomach moved up to his brain?
What thought Khlebnikov on the hungry train exposing his stomach to the sun?
Or Mayakovsky before the bullet hit his brain, what sharp propaganda for action
on the Bureaucratic Battlefield in the Ministry of Collective Agriculture in Ukraine?
What Slogan for Futurist architects or epic hymn for masses of Communist
Party Card holders in Futurity on the conduct of the world seeking beauty against Government?